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Our mission is to collect reviews fairly for all types of businesses. Get to know our team, our values and the story behind our company.

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The team

Board member Martin van Wilderen CEO
Martin van Wilderen
Board member Peter van Wilderen CTO
Peter van Wilderen
Board member Eric van Scherpenzeel
Eric van Scherpenzeel

Our mission and core values

Our mission is to make and promote fair business accessible to everyone, including small retailers with limited resources. It must be easy for everyone, for retailers and for consumers to present themselves on the website and for the consumer to inform themselves.

Fair: Every company is entitled to honest reviews, without censorship and malicious intent.

Transparent: Everyone should be able to understand where a review comes from and that it's based on a real purchase.

Accessible to everyone: We are aware that not everyone is equally technical, which is why we continuously work on a good user experience.

Professional: In everything we do, we try to work as professionally as possible, from IT solutions to customer contact.

Why we started ReviewPack

When we wanted to buy something ourselves as a consumer at a (web) shop, we surfed the internet, like everyone else, to orientate ourselves. In doing so, we often got the feeling that we were seeing unnaturally positive and negative reviews. While we wanted to know in an easy way how well the shop owner dealt with his customers and what kind of service they provided.

We saw in our environment how harmful a fake review can be for small entrepreneurs who are very bothered by it and who were unable to defend themselves. The review writers were often people who sometimes had not bought anything at all and were not even known to the entrepreneur, they liked to tease a bit. This is also confusing for consumers, they want honest and reliable information to determine who they are buying from.

We wanted to come up with something for that, consumers who provided honest information and retailers who were given a fair chance to present themselves realistically.

Generaal de Bons kazerne, kantoor van ReviewPack

Our office

Our office is located in an old army barracks. This barracks is still known as the "Generaal de bons Kazerne" in Grave (Netherlands). The barracks are no longer used by our army, but by care institutions, companies and small-scale homes.

In our office building we also support fellow entrepreneurs in the field of digital help. With this we create a small community that is ready for each other.

Do you want to send us something or visit us (by appointment)? Then come to the following address:

ReviewPack B.V.
Generaal de Bonsweg 1 (Building B)
5363 ST Velp (NB)
The Netherlands