Collect customer reviews

Everything you need to collect company reviews

Automatically collect reviews from customers via a simple link with your POS system, for example. We ask the customer to leave a review.

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1 Your online store or POS system

You need to have a running online store or POS system. We need that so we can connect your software with our platform and automate invites.

Collect company reviews

2 Create an account

Register your company details so you have a public review page. New customers can find your public company page and read about it.

Register your company

3 Set up a sales channel

You might want to use a standard integration from your existing software. By linking a sales channel, we can report where your reviews are coming from.

Our integrations

Get to know more about your own company and show how satisfied other customers are

The best advertisements are positive reviews about your business. Collect reviews with our help and your sales channels so you can improve your business even further.

Get reviews from your store

After their in-store visit, invite your customers to write a review about your business. This way you can further improve the customer experience and collect reviews from your customers.

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Online store reviews

Once the customer has received his order and is satisfied with the product, it is time to receive a review. We can automatically invite the customer after the order in your webshop.

Show your company reviews

You are of course proud when you receive good reviews. In addition, it is also good marketing when other people talk well about your company. Show the reviews on your website!

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View extensive reports

As soon as sufficient company reviews have been collected, you can gain insight into the performance through our reporting. You can improve your company through the reporting.

Collect reviews

We collect customer reviews from just about any type of company

It doesn't matter to us what kind of business you have. If you register the customer's data with a transaction, we can request the review from the customer.

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