Connect your application

With the ReviewPack API you can easily implement a lot of functionality in your application. Sent invites for a customer review or get the review scores.

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We have a detailed API documentation available for professional developers.


Generate API tokens

The API requires authentication, so before you can start we need an API token and API secret. Those keys can be found in the ReviewPack Dashboard.

In the dashboard, click on the company you'd like to connect. After that, click on the "API tokens" menu item on the left.

Note that the API data must be kept secret! You may only share them with parties you trust.


For all API calls, we use the Basic authorization headers. The format is simple:
Authorization Basic [token]:[secret]

Often, a part of the authorization header is encoded automatically in base64 encoding. Please make sure the token and secrect values are encoded. This is (partially) a valid example of the Authorization header:

Authorization Basic ZjA0M2NiZjlkMjhjYTRmMjM3NWZh.....

Open API documentation